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Why My Ducted Heater Is Not Working

There are several problems that usually occur in the ducted gas heater. You should check them before the service call.

Here are some possible common issues and causes of the ducted heater not working.

  • The ducted Heater is not turning on
  • Ducted heater tripping the power supply
  • An Error message is showing on the network controller
  • Ducted heater blowing cold air
  • Ducted heater making a strange noise or very noisy
  • There is a burning smell and smoke coming out of the vents

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The Power Supply

The electricity power outage is one of the main causes of why the ducted heater is not working. The Gas Heater would not turn on without an electric power supply because its electric components need electricity to work. You should inspect the main circuit board/ breaker box to see if the breaker is not tripped or blown.

The Faulty Thermostat

The top and the most frequent reason why your Ducted Heater has stopped working or fluctuating temperature is that the thermostat is not working well. First, you should inspect the thermostat to whether it is off. If it is off then switch it on and adjust the heat mode. If the thermostat is working on batteries, then you might need to replace the batteries.

An Error Codes Message

Sometimes may error code may appear on the screen of your wall controller.

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Ducted Heater Blowing Cold Air

If your ducted heater blows cold air there may be a number of reasons.

  • Thermostat

The thermostat is very important for heating the central air. First, you should check whether it is set at the right temperature and it should be set on ‘auto’ except then ‘fan on because on the fan on the mode, it will just blow air, then check the batteries and change them if necessary.

  • Pilot Light

The pilot light regular issue causes ducted heating to blow cold air. You should check your heating system’s pilot light is lit, if it is not then it will be the reason for the cold air.

  • Dirty Air Filter

Air filter collects a lot of dirt, debris, and other particles that air contains. The air filter must be cleaned or changed after 3 to 6 months. If the air filter contains a lot of dirt or clogs it does not allow airflow through the heater and cut off the warmth.

  • Air Ducts

Leaking ducts may also cause cold air. Ducts can be damaged by rats and other animals or by getting old.

Ducted Heater On But No Air Coming Out Of Air

There are some of the common issues why the heater makes noise.

  • A loose blower fan
  • Dirty or clogged air filter
  • Loose ducts
  • Cracked Heat exchanger
  • An issue with the fuel ignition
  • Leakage

Burning Smell And Smoke Coming Out Of Vents

The smell could cause a dirty filter, however, there may be serious problems. If the smell continues shut off the heater unplug it as soon as possible and call a professional for a diagnosis.


If you did not perceive an error due to which the heater is not working please do not temporize to call us. We are licensed and approved technicians and are available around the clock. We can fix any problem regarding heating & cooling which is making you annoyed. DGB Refrigeration is locally owned and well recognized around Melbourne.

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