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There are many great things about living in Australia. The beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches, outstanding healthcare, world-class education system, friendly people, fantastic climate, and the list just goes on and on. Most of Australia is blessed with 4 seasons. Summer runs from December to March, Autumn takes over from March through May, Winter runs from June to August, and then Spring from September to November.

To enjoy living in Australia to the fullest, you must be fully prepared for each season since the summer and winter can get really serious. To circumvent the effects of the weather on you, we have got a wide range of products from renowned brands. Continue reading to learn more about the products that we are offering:

Evaporative Cooling


  • Cascade Series
  • Heritage Series
  • QA-Auto Controllers
  • QM-Manual Controller


  • Paradigm Series
  • Super Stealth Series

Gas Ducted Heating


  • 3-Star
  • 4-Star
  • 5-Star
  • 6-Star
  • Super-Six
  • 7-Star


  • StarPro Series
  • Buffalo Series
  • Compact Series
  • Classic Series


  • MB3 Series Gas Heaters
  • MB4 Series Gas Heaters
  • MB5 Series Gas Heaters
  • MB6 Series Gas Heaters
  • Rhino Series Gas Heaters

Wall Split System AC

Fujitsu General

  • Reverse Cycle


  • WH Series


  • Alira X
  • ZENA
  • Cora
  • Lite Systems

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • Avanti Series
  • Avanti Plus Series
  • Bronte Series


  • T-Pro Series


  • Apollo Series


  • Flexis
  • Pinnacle
  • Tempo
  • Quartz


  • Bedarra


  • V Series

Mitsubishi Electric

  • MSZ-LN Series
  • MSZ-EF Series
  • MSZ-AP Series
  • MSZ-AS90 Series

Add-on Cooling



Actron Air

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Fujitsu General

  • Bulkhead
  • Slimline
    • Mid Static Slimline R32
    • Mid Static Slimline R32 (HP)
    • Slimline Plus
  • Single Phase
    • High Static Single Phase Compact Outdoor
    • High Static Single Phase
    • High Static Infinity Single Phase
  • Three Phase


  • Slim Ducted
  • High Static Ducted
    • Premium Range
    • Standard Range


  • Premium Inverter – Single Phase
  • Premium Inverter – Three Phase
  • Inverter – Single Phase
  • Inverter – Three Phase
  • FBA – Single Phase
  • FBA – Three Phase
  • FDXS – Single Phase

Actron Air

  • Advance Series
  • Classic Series
  • Ultra Slim Series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • FDU Series
  • FDUM Series
  • FDUA Series
  • KX Series
  • Akari Series