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Ducted Reverse Cycle AC

The climate of Melbourne is wonderful with glorious hot days in the summer and crisp, cooler weather in the winter. This means that a traditional, year-round air conditioner won't really deliver everything you need.

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit ticks all the boxes as it offers cooling air in the summer and with a flip of a switch, warm air in the winter.

Opting for a ducted air con unit means you don't need to buy a separate heater. It works via a discreet unit which sits outside, pumping air through the vents in your home. This air is either cooled down or warmed up, depending on your needs. A wall-mounted thermostat control allows you to choose the perfect temperature all year round.

Ducted reverse-cycle AC is eco-friendly, energy efficient and have low running costs. It's possible to opt for units which have extra features too, such as air purifying.

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