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Our crew at DGB Heating & Cooling is regarded as extremely competent and reliable. We take pleasure in providing quick, effective services that cater to the demands of our customers and guarantee their happiness. From the cold winter to the sweltering summer, our experienced and highly competent crew can provide a variety of services to fulfill all of your needs! When necessary, we will travel to your location to provide a free quote and we have reasonable pricing. We collaborate with you to achieve your goals, keeping you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Heating and cooling in Broadmeadows

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Extensive Cleaning
Carbon Monoxide Testing
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To keep your family comfortable throughout Melbourne's harsh weather, you must keep your home's heating and cooling systems in good working order. It is suggested that your unit be properly maintained once a year for the safety of your loved ones. Regular maintenance maximizes the return on your investment by enhancing the dependability, performance, and efficiency of your heater while extending its lifespan.

With clear, high-quality work and quick response times, DGB Refrigeration has been delivering top-notch heating repair Melbourne customers can rely on for years.

We have a lot of expertise in repairing several types of heating and cooling systems, including:

  • Air Conditioning.
  • Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner.
  • Evaporative Cooler.
  • Ducted Heater.

For all suggested brands, we provide the whole spectrum of services. We provide individualized guidance, hassle-free setups, routine maintenance, and emergency repairs. All makes, models, and varieties of heating and cooling systems are maintained by our skilled professionals.

Air Conditioning Installation, Service, and Repairs

Summers in Melbourne may get very hot. We understand how difficult it is to work, relax, or have fun when the temperature is high. There won't be any warm, stifling air in your home or place of work. You can count on our industry-leading evaporative cooling services, which are quick and effective.

DGB Refrigeration heating and cooling is happy to provide you with ducted heating services. Expert guidance and superior air conditioning installation Systems for high-quality air conditioning that come with warranties and service assurances. Competitive upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Delivery on time without compromising quality. You expect a personal touch, yet a lot of companies don't provide it.

We are the leading provider of air conditioning services in Broadmeadows, therefore we tackle any difficulties quickly and effectively. Both commercial clients and private households rely on our attentive AC installation, maintenance, and repairs. Before placing the cooling unit, we assess the size and direction of your property to guarantee uniform and effective airflow.

  • Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooling system cools by utilizing the principles of evaporation, in contrast to other systems that use vapor compression or absorption. Water droplets on air particles quickly evaporate when warm air enters a place, lowering the temperature. A collecting reservoir that has been designed particularly to remove heat receives these water droplets. Cool air entering the room is distributed uniformly through the vents to which it is connected. The new hot air stream's temperature can be decreased because of the water droplets' capacity to evaporate. That heated air is dispersed throughout the entire building through vents or ducts. This system provides a natural cooling mechanism that runs without the usage of electricity, gas, coal, or oil.

In this technique, moist filtering pads are utilized to cool and humidify dry air while removing heat from it. Evaporative cooling systems can reduce the temperature and relative humidity. The lower relative humidity in cooler air reduces condensation formation. When the air's moisture content is as low as zero, evaporative cooling can be useful in arid regions. A dehumidifier could be required in locations with higher humidity levels to maintain a pleasant temperature.

  • Split-System

They are referred to as split systems because they have two components. The outdoor part houses the compressor, capillary tubing, and expansion coil in addition to the condenser coil. This device is frequently placed next to or against the wall outside the area or room you want to chill. The air filter, a lengthy blower, and a cooling coil are all put up inside the house, and they are all connected by pipes that contain refrigerated gas. They are the most prevalent kind of air conditioning unit.

  • Multi-head Split System

This is similar to the split system the difference is it has one outdoor unit and two or more indoor units. It is very compatible with homes where ductwork is not easy. Whether it's for the home or business, comfort is one of the keys to success, and you can rely on our years of experience to give you the best.

  • Reverse Cycle Air conditioning

As you can see there are different types of air conditioners that are available as you require. The reverse cycle meets the criteria that most people think. So this type of air conditioner is very common and on preference.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioning system has a discreet central unit in this type system mostly the unit located on the roof connected with air ducts to air outlets and sensors in each room.

  • Portable AC

Portable air conditioners offer the benefits of a split system as well as they are convenient to move. Portable air conditioners are great for small rooms or homes where air conditioning units moved around a lot.

  • Windows air conditioners

The cheapest and most efficient option to provide clean, comfortable air to any space that is a reasonable size in your home or workplace is probably a window air conditioning system.

  • Refrigerated Cooling

We can give your home refrigerator cooling at a price that is both reasonable and unmatched in terms of efficiency and the entire cooling solution. Our crew can quickly and expertly install your new refrigerated cooling system, and our selection includes some of the greatest goods now on the Broadmeadows market.

Ducted Heater Installation, Service and Repairs in Broadmeadows

In Broadmeadows, heating your home throughout the winter might be quite expensive. As a result, it's critical to ensure that your heater undergoes regular maintenance. Additionally, you must get your heater repaired as soon as you feel it isn't operating as efficiently as it could. This will prevent the issue from worsening and needing more expensive repairs or maybe the heater's replacement.

Regular service is a crucial safety measure, especially if you have a gas heating system. It is highly recommended that you maintain your gas heaters once a year to keep your family safe. Energy Victoria advises performing it. This is carried out to make sure they are not flawed and emit carbon monoxide. Remember that because carbon monoxide poisoning has no smell or color, it is exceedingly difficult to diagnose without a test. Our technical experts in Broadmeadows can provide you with all the guidance you need to service your heater promptly and inexpensively.

Our technicians are licensed, certified, and available round-the-clock. We can handle any irritating heating and cooling problems for you. DGB Refrigeration is a well-known company in Melbourne that is locally owned. Before we come to work, give us a call at 03 7038 6918 to get a free quote.

Breakdown and Repair Assessment

Whether it's a chilly winter day or a scorching summer afternoon, we know that having heating or air conditioning is essential to your personal comfort.

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Extensive Cleaning

No-one wants to be bothered with fiddling around to clean the air conditioning unit. You just want it to be installed, and to keep you cool on hot days, right?

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Carbon Monoxide Testing

We carry out carbon monoxide testing to check for any leaks. We will also take a look at your gas heater to see if any safety warnings have been issued.

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Relocation and Decommissioning Quote

A split system air conditioner has two separate parts: the outdoor unit which is installed either on or close to the wall of the area you want to keep cool. 

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Service and Preventative Maintenance

As well as dealing with emergencies and repairs, we also carry out preventative maintenance and servicing on air conditions and heater units.

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Quotes And Installations

With professional team of fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers we can provide a wide range of central heating services including full central heating system design and installation,

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