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Is Ducted Gas Heating Expensive To Run

While living in Melbourne, we all know the importance of having a reliable heating and cooling system. With the weather oftentimes getting extreme, we must ensure that our HVAC systems are in their optimal shape. Ducted gas heating is one such system that is very commonly used to keep warm in Winter.

Ducted gas heating systems have been around for a while now, and they can offer many benefits to households looking for a reliable, efficient form of heating. But are these systems worth the cost? How much money can you save on energy? Is ducted gas heating expensive to run? Sit tight as we are about to discuss all your concerns in this article and if ducted gas heating is right for you.

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What Is Ducted Gas Heating?

Ducted gas heating is a popular choice for homes in Melbourne, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an efficient, low-maintenance heating solution that has been designed to deliver warmth throughout your home without the need of numerous space heaters.

Essentially, it works by a single heater unit located inside the roof space of your home. This unit is then connected to a series of outlets through the house via small ducts in the ceiling. The heat is circulated around your home via these outlets, keeping even the coldest spots warm and comfy.

This makes it an ideal choice for large spaces; rather than cranking up (and paying for) multiple individual heaters – which can quickly become expensive. With ducted gas heating, you only pay for the single unit located in your roof space. This results in one consistent temperature throughout your home with no hot or cold spots!

Advantages of Ducted Gas Heating

When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable in cold winter months, ducted gas heating is the way to go. First, let’s look at the advantages of this type of heating system.

Ducted gas heating offers the most flexible and efficient way to heat your home. It is a single central system that distributes heated air throughout multiple rooms in your home via air conditioning ducts located in the ceiling. This means you don’t have to waste energy trying to heat every room individually with space heaters.

It is also incredibly quiet when compared to other kinds of heating systems – because it works at a low speed, you can barely hear it running! Plus, you can choose how much warmth you want for each room individually, so no one will ever feel too hot or too cold! Finally, this type of system often has a long lifespan with fewer breakdowns compared to other types of systems.

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Disadvantages of Ducted Gas Heating

Whilst there are many benefits to ducted gas heating, it’s important to consider any potential disadvantages.

Generally, the biggest hurdle to consider is the initial cost of installation – depending on the size of your home, this could be quite expensive. Additionally, running costs for ducted systems can sometimes be higher than other heating options due to the larger area they cover.

That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that ducted gas heating is more expensive than other types of heating. In fact, when you look at it in terms of running costs over time, it could potentially save you money; as machines become more efficient and maintenance costs are taken into account, the gap between gas and electricity gets narrower each year.

Furthermore, many energy suppliers now provide incentives (such as discounts or rebates) for purchasing more energy-efficient systems in order to encourage people to make more sustainable choices. As such, these deals can help make ducted gas heating cheaper over time and a great option for those looking for an affordable long-term solution for their home’s needs.

Apart from having a high installation cost, Ducted Gas heaters can pose a safety risk if not installed and maintained properly. Carbon monoxide leaks, gas leaks, and fires can occur if the system is not properly ventilated or serviced.

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How Efficient Is Ducted Gas Heating?

When it comes to running costs, efficiency is always at the top of people’s minds. We get asked a lot if ducted gas heating is expensive to run. Generally speaking, ducted gas heating systems are cost-effective and energy efficient compared to other traditional forms of heating such as electric space heaters. The fact that the system runs on mains gas makes it an economical choice for many homes in Melbourne, particularly compared to electric and reverse-cycle air conditioners.

Furthermore, many modern ducted gas heating systems are fitted with advanced technology such as zone control systems, allowing you to set different temperatures in different rooms. This helps you target the areas that need more heat and save on running costs by not having your system run unnecessarily in the rooms that don’t.

Is Ducted Gas Heating Expensive to Run?

One of the biggest questions people have about ducted gas heating is ‘is it expensive to run?’ The answer to this involves a couple of factors. Let’s take a closer look at this to help you decide if ducted gas heating is right for you.

The cost of running ducted gas heating can vary depending on the size of your house, the type and size of the system, and how efficient your chosen system is. Generally speaking, modern systems are more energy-efficient than older models, so if you’re looking for a down line cost savings look for newer units with higher efficiency ratings.

On average, running a ducted gas heater in winter for an average Australian home costs around 40 cents per hour in electricity use, with the gas top-up costing much less by comparison. This means that with correct usage, your bills shouldn’t be too high – as long as you’re vigilant about turning off your ducted gas heater when it’s not being used.

When it comes to temperature control and flexibility, ducted gas heating can’t be beaten! It provides precise temperature control that you can adjust room by room, so you don’t need to heat spaces that don’t need it or waste energy doing so. Plus they typically come with multiple settings – meaning you can select the exact amount of heat that’s right for each environment.

So overall – yes, running a ducted gas heating system isn’t overly expensive but there are various things to consider before making your decision that will help you save money in the long run!

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Tips for Saving Energy With Ducted Gas Heating

Now that we are all aware of what ducted gas heating is and its advantages and disadvantages, let’s talk about how you can save energy with this system.

At DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling, we understand that everyone wants to be more energy-efficient and conserve resources for a greener future. That’s why we recommend these easy tips for getting the most out of your ducted gas heating system:

  1. Use zone control – Zone control allows you to target specific areas of your home instead of cooling or heating the entire area at once. This allows you to save energy and reduce costs.
  2. Invest in a programmable thermostat – Programmable thermostats are great for scheduling when you want your ducted gas heating system to turn on or off to achieve peak efficiency, meaning when it comes on, it uses less energy and is less expensive to run.
  3. Upgrade your insulation– Keeping the warm air inside in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer is essential to maximize efficiency. Make sure that you have good insulation around windows, doors, pipes, ducts, etc., so heat stays where it needs to be without having to work as hard to maintain it.
  4. Have your system serviced regularly– Regular maintenance of your ducted gas heating system can prevent small problems from becoming major ones and save you money in the long run – always check with a professional when it is time for service or repairs!

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to get more out of your ducted gas heating system while keeping energy costs low!

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Ultimately, when it comes to the issue of whether ducted gas heating is expensive to run, the answer really depends on the type of system you install and how it’s used. Ducted gas heating can offer significant energy savings and comfort if installed and maintained properly, but it can also become a costly and inefficient system if not managed properly.

So if you are considering ducted gas heating for your Melbourne-based home, it’s important to consult a qualified and experienced HVAC professional to ensure you’re getting the most from this type of system. At DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling, we are confident in our ability to install and manage an efficient and cost-effective ducted gas system in your home. Reach out today by dialling 03 7038 6918 to find out how we can help you get the most out of your ducted gas heating.


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