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Braemar Ducted Heating Troubleshooting

Gas Ducted Heating units by Braemar are the safest, most reliable, and energy-efficient, and offer comfort like no other. Braemar has the highest efficiency star ratings in Australia for Ducted Gas Heating for 3 to 6-star and 7-star equivalent products for ducted gas heating. Braemar Ducted Gas Heating range has the following star rating models:

  • 3-Star
  • 4-Star
  • 5-Star
  • 6-Star
  • Super-Six
  • 7-Star

Braemar Ducted Heating Control Panel

There are 3 control panels available for the Braemar Ducted Gas Heating that are:

  • Manual Digital Thermostat Control
  • SpectraLink Comfort Control
  • MagIQtouch Controller

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Braemar Ducted Heating manual

The Braemar Ducted Heating unit can be operated by:

  • Manual Digital Thermostat Control
  • SpectraLink Comfort Control

Heater Operation using Manual Digital Thermostat Control

Turning Heater On

  1. Press the On/Off button
  2. Once you press the button, the heater and room fan will start after a slight delay (Approx. 30-60 seconds) given that the set temperature is greater than the room temperature

Turning Heater Off

  1. Press the On/Off button
  2. Once you press the button, the heater will turn off and the room fan will stop approximately after 60 to 90 seconds.

Adjusting Set Temperature

  1. Press the Up or Down Arrow button to increase or decrease the temperature. The temperature displayed on the controller will change to set temperature and flash.
  2. Each press will increase or decrease the setting by 1 degree Celsius.

Heater Operation using Spectrolink Comfort Control

 Quick Start – Manual Operation

  1. Set the time and day on the SCC (Spectrolink Comfort Control)
  2. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the SCC on.
  3. Select HEAT mode – press the AC MODE button to switch between HEAT and COOL modes.
  4. If AUTO is displayed, open the SCC door, press the SET button (and hold), and press the MAN/AUTO button to set to MANUAL mode – MAN will now be displayed.
  5. Adjust the temperature setting by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow buttons until the required temperature is set.


  1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the SCC OFF.
  2. Once the SCC is turned off, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds – SET and the time display will flash.
  3. Press the UP or DOWN arrow button to adjust to the current time – ensure that AM/PM is correct. You can hold the button for rapid adjustment.
  4. Press the SET button when the time is correct.
  5. SET and the day display will flash.
  6. Press the UP or DOWN arrow button to adjust to the current day.
  7. Press the SET button to return to normal operation when the day is correct.

Heater Operation using MagIQtouch Controller

  • The unit can be turned on/off with one simple touch
  • The screen is only lit up when in use
  • The current temperature inside the home can be viewed quickly and easily
  • Tap the minus or plus to  reduce or increase the target temperature respectively
  • Quickly switch from heating to cooling. The display turns red when heating or blue when cooling.

Braemar Gas Ducted Heating Troubleshooting

The Braemar Gas Ducted Heater comes with built-in fault diagnosis software to help determine the source of a fault. If a fault is detected, the heater will turn off. In some cases, the heater will automatically attempt to restart – if the fault still exists, a fault code number will appear. Continue reading to learn more about the possible error/fault codes that you may encounter.

Braemar Fault Codes

While the Ducted Gas Heating continues to operate, keeping you warm throughout the winter season, the units may encounter some Errors that may need immediate attention. If not catered to properly, these errors can end up harming the unit.

The following are the error codes that you may encounter in your Braemar Ducted Gas Heating Unit:

Error Code Description
B5 The indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor is either open or short-circuited.
B7 The indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor is either open or short-circuited.
Dn Communication line misconnected or expansion valve error.
En Frequency restricted/reduced with IPM current protection.
Eu Frequency restricted/reduced with IPM temperature protection.
E1 Compressor high-pressure protection
E2 Indoor anti-freeze protection
E3 Compressor low-pressure protection.
E4 Compressor high discharge temperature protection.
E5 Whole unit over-current protection.
E6 Communication error.
E7 Running mode conflict.
E8 Overload protection.
E9 Indoor unit full water protection
Fo Pump-down.
FH Frequency restricted/reduced with anti-freezing protection.
F0 System charge shortage or blockage protection.
F1 Return air temperature sensor open/short-circuited.
F2 Evaporator temperature sensor open/short-circuited.
F3 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor open/short-circuited.
F4 Outdoor mid-tube temperature sensor open/short-circuited.
F5 Discharge temperature sensor open/short-circuited.
F6 Frequency restricted/reduced with overload protection.
F8 Frequency restricted/reduced with whole unit current protection.
F9 Frequency restricted/reduced with high discharge temperature.
Hc Pfc protection.
HE Compressor demagnetization protection.
H1 Forced defrosting.
H3 Compressor overheating protection.
H5 IPM current protection.
H6 Motor stalling.
H7 Compressor desynchronizing protection.
LA Outdoor fan 1 error protection.
Lc Compressor Startup failure.
Ld Compressor phase loss/reversal protection.
Le Compressor stalling.
Lf Over-Speeding.
Lp Indoor and outdoor units are unmatched.
L3 Outdoor fan 1 error protection.
L9 Over-power protection.
Pd Sensor connection protection.
PE Temperature drift protection.
PF Drive board temperature sensor error.
PH DC Bus over-voltage protection.
PL DC Bus under-voltage protection.
PP AC input voltage abnormal.
PU Capacitor charging error.
P5 Over phase current protection.
P6 Drive board communication error.
P7 IPM temperature sensor open / short-circuited.
P8 IPM temperature protection.
P9 AC contactor protection.
U1 Compressor phase current sensing circuit error.
U3 DC bus voltage drop error.
U5 Whole unit current sensing circuit error.
U7 4-way valve reversing error.
U8 PG motor zero-crossing protection.
U9 Defrost or oil return.
D1 DRED mode 1 (full shut down).
D2 DRED mode 2 (50% power).
D3 DRED mode 3 (75% power).

Troubleshooting some common Ducted Heating problems:

  • Switch power ON/OFF to reset the heater, and ensure the circuit breaker has not been tripped
  • Make sure that the gas is being supplied to the heater
  • Check if the pilot light is turned ON
  • Check the batteries in the Thermostat
  • Ensure that the Manual mode is enabled
  • Check that a minimum of 7 outlets are fully open
  • Make sure that the filter in the return air is clean

Braemar Ducted Heating Pilot Light

The pilot light in Braemar Ducted Gas Heating is the small flame that is the key to your heating. It ignites the gas that is needed to start the heating. If for some reason, the pilot light goes out, you don’t have to worry about gas leakage as there is a fail-safe built into all of the modern appliances.

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If you are worried that your old model gas heater might be prone to gas leakage, immediately grab your phone and dial 03 7038 6918 to contact the experts at DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling to check the safety of your appliance. If the pilot light on the central ducted gas heater keeps going out, this is an issue that needs immediate attention.

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