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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

If your Mitsubishi air conditioner has encountered some issues that you have never experienced before and you are not sure what to do, there is nothing to worry about. You do not need to rush to replace it. Most of these issues can be easily resolved. In this article, we will talk about the common problems with Mitsubishi AC units and controllers, how to resolve the common issues with your Mitsubishi air conditioner, and when you should call a qualified professional from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling for help.

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This article will not only talk about the topics mentioned above, it will also help you identify any underlying issues with your Mitsubishi Air Conditioning system and fix them before they transform into bigger problems that would cost you a lot of money to fix.

1. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Not Turning On

If your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner fails to start, it may be due to a tripped circuit breaker. You can start by checking circuit breaker, and if it is tripped, you can switch it back on. The air conditioner should turn on. If it still doesn’t turn on or turns off again, the issue may be serious and would require the expertise of a qualified technician from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling.

2. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On and Off

In case your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner keeps turning on and off, the possible reasons behind this may include a faulty timer, an issue with the compressor, or problems with the condenser. In order to get to the bottom of the issue, you can start by adjusting the timer and see if the problem goes away. If the problem persists, you will need to dial 03 7038 6918 to book a callout with DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling. Our technician will identify the problem and either replace the timer, or address complex compressor and condenser issues that you should not try fixing on your own.

3. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Won’t Trip/Turn Off

When your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is not tripping/turning off, the causes could include a fan limit set to “on” instead of “auto”, temperature being set too low, or dirty air filters. In case the fan is set to “on”, the fan will continue running regardless of what the settings may be on your thermostat. This issue can be rectified by pressing the fan button on the thermostat until the word “auto” shows up.
If the AC is set to very low temperature setting, the air conditioner will keep working until it reaches the set temperature.
If the air filters of your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner are dirty, the air conditioner will have to work hard and constantly to achieve the desired temperature in your home. This can be prevented by cleaning the air filters before they get too dirty.

4. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

If your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner has stopped cooling, it could be due to blocked filters, low refrigerant, or faulty components. You can try cleaning the filters to improve airflow. If cleaning the filters does not resolve the issue, you will need to consult with a professional licensed technician for refrigerant issues and faulty components.

5. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Having Limited Airflow

If your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is not blowing air or having very limited airflow, dirty filters or a faulty motor damper may be to blame. If cleaning the air filters does not fix the problem, you can have a professional from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling inspect the unit and replace the faulty motor damper if it comes out to be the reason.

6. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

If your Mitsubishi AC is blowing warm air instead of cold air, you should first make sure that the thermostat is not set to “heat” mode. If it is not set to heat mode, the possible causes may include issues with the outdoor unit or low refrigerant levels. Both these issues require professional assistance to rectify.

7. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Heating Mode Issues

If your Mitsubishi aircon’s heating mode is not working, the possible causes include incorrect thermostat settings or clogged air filter. Ensure that your thermostat is set to heating mode. After checking that, you can try and clean your air filters and that should fix the issue. If the unit is still not heating, it is time for a professional HVAC technician to step in.

8. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

In case your air conditioner is leaking water, a clogged or damaged drain pipe may be the culprit. If it is clogged, you can clean it to ensure proper drainage. If the drain pipe is damaged, you will need to contact a professional to replace that.

9. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises

If your Mitsubishi aircon is making strange noises, it could be due to loose components, a faulty compressor, or damaged isolation feet. These issues are too complex and require a skilled technician from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling to fix.

10. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner’s Swing is Not Working

If the swing of your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is not working, you should first check if the unit is set on swing mode. If it is set on swing mode and it is still not working, inspect for foreign objects that may have been jamming the swings. If the issue persists, consult a technician for potential motor problems.

Using these detailed tips for troubleshooting, you can resolve common issues with your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner. For persistent issues, seek professional assistance from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling by dialling 03 7038 6918.

Troubleshooting issues with your Mitsubishi AC Controller

The following are some issues that you may encounter with your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Controller:

1. Mitsubishi AC Remote Control Not Turning On

If your Mitsubishi AC Remote Controller fails to turn on, it is most probably because it requires new batteries. Replacing the batteries should fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you may need to get a new controller. It would be best to consult with a licensed technician.

2. Remote Control Not Responding

If your Mitsubishi AC Remote Controller isn’t responding, remove and reinsert the batteries. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, bring the controller closer to the AC unit (within 10 meters). If problems persist, attempt to reset either the AC unit or the controller.

How to reset your Mitsubishi AC

Some minor issues with your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner can be resolved by resetting your unit. You can reset your unit by following the steps below:

1. Remote Controller Reset

You can reset your Mitsubishi AC unit by using your remote controller. Simply locate the reset button at the control panel and press it. If successful, your AC unit should reset.

2. Breaker Board Reset

If the remote reset does not work, proceed to your home’s breaker board. Turn off the switch connected to the AC unit and wait for 30 seconds and then switch it back on. Allow a few minutes for the AC to resume normal operation. If issues persist, you can dial 03 7038 6918 and speak with our customer-oriented team at DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling to book an inspection or service call.

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How to Reset Your Mitsubishi Remote Control

If changing batteries doesn’t restore normal function, you can try performing a reset. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The button light will blink twice and then turn off, indicating that your remote controller has been reset successfully.


In conclusion, if your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is encountering some unfamiliar challenges, do not rush to replace it. There are multiple solutions that you can try based on the issue you are facing. If these solutions do not fix the problem, you can dial 03 7038 6918 and get in touch with the licensed technicians from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling for reliable and expert service.

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