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Cost To Replace Air Conditioner Compressor

When it comes to the air conditioning systems, the compressor works as the heart of the air conditioner. It plays a vital role in cooling your home by compressing the refrigerant, which is transformed from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure one. However, like any electric component that has to work hard, a compressor can face issues over time, leading to a breakdown. In this article, we’ll explore the working of a compressor does, why it might break down, and the costs associated with replacing it.

What Does an Air Conditioner Compressor Do?

Before we explore the issues that a compressor can run into and the cost of replacement, we first need to understand the role of the compressor. To sum everything up, the compressor can be considered as the engine of your air conditioning system. It works by pressurizing the refrigerant, a low pressure gas, turning it into a high-pressure gas. This gas then flows through the system, absorbing heat from the air inside your home and releasing it outside, leaving you with a cool and comfortable living space.

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Causes of Compressor Breakdown:

Since the compressor has to work hard in order to keep our indoors comfortable for us, it can run into various issues that can result in the breakdown of the compressor. The factors that can contribute to a compressor breakdown include wear and tear due to the air conditioner being old, refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, or even dirty coils can put extra strain on the compressor, eventually leading to its failure.

Signs Your Compressor Needs Replacement:

Warm Air: If your air conditioner is blowing warm air even though it is set on “Cooling” mode, the compressor might be failing. You can have a certified technician from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling visit for inspection get to the bottom of it.
Strange Noises: If you are experiencing weird sounds like grinding or hissing, this can be a possible sign of issues with your compressor. This can only be checked by a licensed person.
Tripped Breakers: If you are observing frequent tripped breaker, a failing compressor might be the reason as it can trip your circuit breakers oftentimes.
Reduced Airflow: If you have felt a sudden decrease in the airflow of your air conditioner, it could be an early sign of issues with your compressor.
High Electricity Bills: If you have a malfunctioning compressor, it will draw in more power to run, in return increasing your electricity bills.

Cost to Replace Your Air Conditioner Compressor:

If we are talking about the cost to replace the compressor of an air conditioner, there are multiple factors that can directly impact the cost. Some of these factors are:

  • Size of the Unit: Larger units generally have more substantial compressors, impacting the replacement cost.
  • Refrigerant Type: The type of refrigerant your system uses can affect the overall expense.
  • Brand and Model: Different brands and models may have varying compressor replacement costs.

On average, residents in Melbourne can expect to pay between AU$500 and AU$6,000 for compressor replacement. However, it is essential to note that this is a rough estimate, and the actual cost can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. If you want to a fixed quote for the compressor’s replacement, dial 03 7039 6918 and speak with our team at DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling, that can provide you with a quote after analyzing your unit and requirements.

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Why Choose DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling?

At DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling, we understand the significance of a well-functioning compressor for your air conditioning system. Our team of experienced technicians in Melbourne is ready to assess your unit, provide transparent insights into the replacement process, and ensure your home stays cool and comfortable.

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If you notice any signs of a failing compressor or your AC isn’t performing as it should, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 03 7038 6918. Our dedicated team is here to assist you, offering reliable services to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Remember, a proactive approach today can save you from sweltering in the Melbourne heat tomorrow.


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