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Common Heater Problems

With a terrible sense of irony, one of the most common times for heaters to fail is when it’s cold outside and you really want a warm home. If you get your heater serviced regularly and have bought a reliable model,
hopefully, problems can be kept to a minimum.

However, even the best heater might have the occasional blip.

Most Common Heater Problems And How To Repair Them

  • Smell Of Burning

Most people have noticed a burning smell at one time or another when they’ve switched on their heater. Although it can be alarming, if it quickly fades away there’s probably not too much of a problem. Every heater accumulates dust and debris, and as your heater warms up, this dust gets burnt away, causing a temporary odor. If your heater hasn’t been serviced recently, it’s probably a good idea to book one fairly soon, but it’s not an emergency.

However, if the smell of burning is particularly acrid and doesn’t resolve, you should switch your heater off and call in a professional right away as it could be something more serious.

  • Climbing Energy Bills

Heating your home can be expensive at the best of times, but if you’ve noticed your bills rapidly rising, you may have a problem.

A heater that isn’t working efficiently will burn up more energy, sending your costs soaring. Rectifying this can be as simple as changing the filters on your heater, enabling it to work to full capacity while using less energy.

  • Blowing Out Cold Air

When your heater is blowing out chilly gusts rather than radiating warmth, the first thing to check is your thermostat. It may sound obvious but it’s very easy to accidentally give it a knock, and solving the problem is simply a case of turning the temperature back up! If this isn’t the underlying cause, there’s a good chance it’s your filter. Changing your filter could be all you need to do.

If you’re still getting cold air, it’s probably a break in the air ducts which is best left to the professionals to repair.

  • Patchy Heating Around The Home

If some rooms are warm but others aren’t being heated properly, there are a few possible causes. Once again, simply changing the filters could resolve the problem completely.

Other potential causes include malfunctioning heater fans or duct blockages, as an example. If it’s not the filter you’ll need to call out a professional to carry out a full assessment. If your heater isn’t working properly, you can get in touch with DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling at any time of the day or night. We’re always available to help with heating problems and are only ever a
a phone call away 0420 499 100!


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