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Central Heating And Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Are you getting tired of sweating in the summer and shivering in the winter? If so, then it is time to think about adding central heating and air conditioning to your house. It will not only keep you cosy all year long, but it can also raise the value of your property. Finding reputable heating and cooling contractors in your area and understanding the cost of the project is vital before you start.

For many years, DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling has offered excellent HVAC services to the residents of Melbourne. Our team of professionals is available to help you through the procedure and aid in your decision-making. In this article, we will discuss the cost of installing central heating and air, along with advice on how to locate the top heating and air installers in your area.

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Factors Affecting Central Heating and Air Installation Cost

1. Size of Your Home:

The price of installing a central heating and air conditioning system is directly influenced by the size of your property. Larger homes require a bigger and stronger unit, more ductwork, and increased labour, all of which can raise the overall costs.

2. Type of System:

There are different types of central heating and air systems available in the market. Some of these systems are:

  • Forced-air systems
  • Radiant systems
  • Geothermal systems

These are just a few of the several kinds of central heating and air conditioning systems that are available. Each system has its unique installation costs and criteria. The most common and typically more cheap type of system is a forced-air system.

3. Energy Efficiency:

Even if a central heating and air conditioning unit may cost more upfront, higher energy efficiency can help you save money in the long run by cutting down on your energy costs. These systems frequently qualify for rebates, which can help further reduce the upfront cost.

4. Ductwork

Installing a central heating and air conditioning system will be less expensive in a property that has existing. However, you will need to consider the expense of ducts and their installation if your house doesn’t already have them.

5. Additional Features

Adding other features to your system, such as zoning, programmable thermostats, or air purifiers, may raise the total cost. Although these features increase convenience and comfort, it’s crucial to take your demands and budget into account before incorporating them.

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The cost of installing a central heating and air conditioning system varies based on your requirements. You can reach out to DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling by dialling 03 7038 6918 to get a supply & install quote for a central heating and air conditioning unit. Let’s break down the installation cost to give you a better idea:

1. Price of Unit:

Depending on the type and brand you select, the price of the heating and air conditioning equipment usually starts from $6,000 and increases based on your requirements. Even though these units are often more expensive, energy-efficient technologies provide long-term savings.

2. Labor Cost:

The average labour cost to install a central heating and air conditioning system starts from $4,000. This entails dismantling outdated equipment (if necessary), setting up brand-new equipment, connecting ductwork, and testing the system.

3. Cost for Ductwork:

You must account for the expense of duct installation if your property lacks ductwork or if it needs repairs or alterations. Ductwork installation typically starts from $2,500 and increases as the ductwork or the complexity of installation increases.

4. Extra Features:

Including extras such as zones or programmable thermostats might push up the overall price by a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Yet again, it is crucial to keep in mind that these prices are only estimates and may change depending on your unique needs and location. It is best to speak with our certified technicians for a supply & install quote for your central heating and air installation project.

Finding Reliable Heating And Air Installers Near You

Hiring seasoned and trustworthy experts is essential when establishing a central heating and air system. Here are some tips to help you locate the best HVAC installers in your area:

1. Research and Compare:

You can start by looking up nearby HVAC installation businesses. Look for businesses that have a good reputation, industry experience, and relevant certifications. With over 100+ 5-star reviews on Google, DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling stands out from the crowd as the best choice for Melbourne residents.

2. Request Recommendations

Request recommendations from people you know who have recently installed a central heating and air conditioning system. Ask them if they would recommend the installers they chose and how their experience was with them.

3. Check Licenses and Insurance:

Make sure that your selected central heating and air installer is licensed and insured. This protects you from any kind of liability in the event of mishaps or damage during installation.

4. Request Quotes:

Get in touch with several heating and air conditioning installers in your area and ask for comprehensive quotations for your job. You can compare all the quotes you receive and you will find the quote from DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling to be the best among all.

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5. Read Contracts Carefully:

Thoroughly read all terms and conditions of any contracts before signing. Make sure you are aware of the guarantees offered, the installation cost, and any potential additional costs that may be applicable.

As one of the top heating and air installation businesses in the region, DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling is proud of its reputation. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is dedicated to offering top-notch service and is licensed, insured, and skilled. For a free consultation or to receive a price for your central heating and air installation project, call us at 03 7038 6918.


The comfort of your home can be considerably improved while also raising the value of your property by installing a central heating and air conditioning system. Planning your budget efficiently requires an understanding of the factors that determine installation costs. You can properly estimate the final cost by considering all elements like home size, system type, energy efficiency, ductwork requirements, and additional features.

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When looking for your ideal heating & cooling expert, take the time to investigate, contrast, and get quotations from reliable businesses when looking for local heating and air installers. The installation of your central heating and air conditioning system will go smoothly if you use skilled technicians, and it will operate well for a long time. Every step of the journey, DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling is here to help. We have been the first choice for countless Melbourne residents. To discuss your demands for central heating and air installation, call us at 03 7038 6918 right now!


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