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We know that privacy is important to you, but don't worry, it's important to us too. We ensure that we respect your privacy in everything that we do.

We think that it's important you understand how we will use your data and our Privacy Policy explains just that. It covers all of our web services, and to be able to use our services, you must agree to the following Privacy Policy.

DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling

The DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling website uses servers present in both Australia and other countries. These servers are administered and monitored by us, and we carry out billing. We only use our access to your data to carry out the essential functions associated with billing and services.

Personal Information - Collection and Use

During the routine delivery of our services, it may be necessary for us to collect personal
information from you. This could include your name, language, email address and other details. This
personal information is only used for explicit and specific purposes, such as:

• Checking that our site, products and services are appropriate and relevant to you
• Notifying you about any changes which apply to the services or products DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling supply to you
• Provide details about new services, special offers and newsletters

Non-Personal Information - Collection and Use

When you use our software or register with us, we may collect and use non-personal information. This is defined as information which is not about a specific individual. We use non-personal information to make improvements to services and products.

Use of Cookies

Temporary and permanent cookies are used to optimise your experience on DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling's website. When you close your browser, any temporary cookies will be deleted. Switching off cookies means you may not be able to access all areas of the website.


You may find links to external sites on some pages of our website. All customers are advised to verify any links, including their Privacy Policies. DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling are not responsible for any of these third party websites.

Sharing Your Information

There may be times when we need to share your information with other parties in order to deliver the best service. Be assured that when we do, we will ensure that all other parties comply with our Privacy Policy and adopt the same level of confidentiality and security measures. Your personal information will only ever be shared for the purpose of providing services, and we will always obtain your consent to do so. Non-personal information relating to demographics may be shared.

There may be times when DGB Refrigeration Heating and Cooling are obliged to share your details to comply with an enforceable request from the government. At other times, we may need to share your information with law enforcement officers to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our customers or the general public.

Keeping Your Information Secure

We utilise a raft of security measures to make sure your personal information is safe and stored securely. This includes the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and encryption for payment and sensitive information. Only those with specific authorisation can access the data and they have a legal requirement to keep it confidential. Your payment data will not be stored on our systems once the transaction is complete.

Access to Your Personal Information

You may access your personal information at any lime upon request. We will update, correct or remove your personal information when asked to do so. Please contact us on 03 7038 6918 but allow up to 48 hours for us to comply with your request.

Privacy of Children

We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and do not collect any data from users under the age of 13 years. Our website and services are all intended for individuals aged above 13 years of age.

Our Privacy Policy: Enforcement

We take a rigorous approach to ensuring that this Privacy Policy is enforced at all levels. This includes carrying our periodic reviews. If you have any concerns or are worried about how your information is being used, please contact our Technical Support team on 03 7038 6918. We will be happy to provide any information required and will cooperate fully with regulatory authorities, where necessary.