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How To Install Split System Air Conditioner?

Since summer has officially arrived, bringing all those scorching days that can be very difficult to bear. We use Air Conditioners to keep the temperatures in our homes at a comfortable level. In this article, we will discuss how you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter with an air conditioner and what exactly is done to install an air conditioner. It is very important to remember that this article is for educational purposes only and installing an air conditioner is not everyone’s cup of tea. It should only be installed by a licensed HVAC technician such as our team at DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling.

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Understanding Split AC Units

A split system air conditioning unit, which is commonly known as a ductless mini-split, is a compact and efficient air conditioning system. It consists of two main components – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The split system is found in every other house as it is very energy efficient and operates quietly. It is a very good option for providing zone-specific air conditioning.

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing A Split AC Unit

The following are the steps that are carried out during the installation of an air conditioner:

Selecting The Right Spot

When choosing the indoor unit’s spot, you should always look for a high wall position that is away from direct sunlight. The unit should be at a minimum of 6-to-7 feet of clearance from the floor to achieve optimal airflow.

Mounting The Wall Bracket

After deciding on the spot for the indoor unit, the wall bracket is mounted at the chosen spot while making sure that it is level. It is done by drilling the holes for the mounting plate, then securing it with screws. An extra hole is also drilled for the piping connecting the indoor and outdoor units.

Mounting The Indoor Unit

Once the wall bracket is mounted, the indoor unit can be carefully installed on the bracket. It is done carefully as the unit must fit on the bracket to avoid any kind of mishap.

Installing The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor compressor is placed in a well-ventilated location away from dust. It is mounted on a flat surface, preferably concrete, securing it with rubber cushions to minimize vibration.

Connecting The Indoor And Outdoor Units

Pipes and cables are run from the indoor unit through the drilled hole to the outdoor unit. Both the indoor and outdoor units are connected as per the manufacturer’s instructions, including refrigerant tubing, drainpipe, and electrical cables.

Vacuuming And Charging The Refrigerant

The refrigerant line is vacuumed to eliminate any moisture or air that may have been present inside. After ensuring that there are no leaks, the refrigerant is added to the unit by the technician using specialized equipment.

Running And Testing

Once everything is connected, the air conditioning unit is turned on and tested to ensure that it is cooling correctly without making any unusual sounds or vibrations. Once the unit passes this test, you can enjoy the newly installed unit at your convenience.

This article provides general information about the steps that we have to go through while installing the unit. However, each air conditioning unit may have unique installation instructions and some additional steps may be involved based on the unit.

Professional AC Installation Services In Melbourne

At DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling, our technicians are seasoned professionals who have years of experience serving the residents of Melbourne. Our professionals guarantee a seamless installation, optimal performance, and the longevity of your split air conditioning unit. Trust DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling for reliable, efficient, and prompt air conditioner installation services. If you need help with AC installation, our team of skilled technicians is just one call away. Dial 03 7038 6918 today and rest assured that you and your new split air conditioner are in good hands!

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