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Air Conditioner Placement Of Outside Unit

Split System Air Conditioner is one of the most commonly used HVAC systems throughout Australia. It comprises two units, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These units are connected by refrigerant pipes and electrical wiring. The efficiency and effectiveness of a split system not only depends on the quality of the units but also the strategic placement of the units within your home. The outdoor unit is mostly installed on an outside wall to ensure peak performance. However, a certified and licensed technician can help you choose the perfect location for the outdoor unit that will ensure the best results.

To achieve maximum cooling, the outdoor unit should be installed on a plain surface that is away from direct sunlight and water. In this article, we will talk about the best placement of the outdoor unit to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Why is the location important?

The following are the reasons why the location of the outdoor unit plays an important part in the performance:

  1. Placing the outdoor unit in a suitable location allows the unit to efficiently dispel the heat absorbed from indoors and get fresh air easily
  2. If the outdoor unit is installed in a suitable spot, it would enhance the efficiency of the unit as it will not have to work hard to achieve the desired temperature
  3. As mentioned above, if the unit is installed in the ideal location, the unit will not have to work hard and it will decrease the energy bills
  4. Installing the outdoor unit in the right spot will prolong its lifespan as it will be saved from direct sunlight, water damage, and accumulation of dirt and debris

Outdoor Unit Placement

The outdoor unit of the split expels heat absorbed from the indoor air, so its placement is crucial for the efficient operation and long life of the system. Here are some key points to consider:

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1. Clearance Space:

The outdoor unit requires enough space for functioning, and a sufficient room is needed around it for proper airflow. For that case, it is recommended to leave at least two feet of clearance on all sides of the unit. This ensures smooth airflow and facilitates maintenance access.

2. Shading and Sun Exposure:

While installation, the outdoor unit must be installed in a location that does not have direct sunlight. Position the outdoor unit in a shaded area, keeping it away from direct sunlight if possible. If such a location does not exist in your home, look for a spot that would have the least amount of sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can possibly lead to overheating and reduced efficiency. Additionally, shading helps prevent debris build-up and prolongs the life of the unit.

3. Elevation and Drainage:

  1. Install the outdoor unit on a stable, elevated surface to prevent water accumulation during the season of rainfall or snowfall. Proper drainage ensures that water does not gather around the unit, which could lead to corrosion or electrical damage.

    4. Noise Considerations:

    While noise may not affect system performance, it can impact your comfort and that of your neighbors. Avoid placing the outdoor unit near bedrooms, living areas, or property lines to minimize noise disruption.

    5. Maintenance & Repair:

    Another important thing to consider while selecting the spot for an outdoor unit is the accessibility for maintenance & repair. The unit should be installed in such a location that isn’t hard to reach. If it is installed in odd or hard-to-reach locations, it can increase your maintenance cost as the technicians will need special equipment to get to the unit.

    5. Keep It Away from Trees:

    The outdoor unit should be installed away from the trees as it can attract leaves and dirt inside the unit which can result in malfunctions and costly repairs in case of breakdown.

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