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Bonaire Heating And Cooling

For more than 60 years, Bonaire offered homes effective heating and cooling solutions utilizing high-end materials in the design, engineering, and production processes for your comfort.

Bonaire offers a broad selection of goods and equipment for both domestic and professional use. This article will assist you in making a decision if you are unsure about which Bonaire air conditioning system would be the finest for you. Let's start by looking at Bonaire as a firm.

On Bonaire, every system is constructed with high-end components and tested before it leaves the factory. Alongside DGB Refrigeration, they guarantee to give each and every customer the most excellent quality and service possible. The product selection and features that Bonaire offers are described below.

Ducted Gas Heater

For many years, Bonaire has offered cutting-edge heating solutions. Bonaire has created heaters that are technologically advanced, economical, and environmentally friendly. For more than 60 years, Bonaire has offered households effective heating systems as one of Melbourne's top heating and cooling brands. Bonaire develops sophisticated, user-friendly solutions using tried and true technologies that maximize energy efficiency while being affordable to acquire and run.

The appliances in the range of Bonaire Ducted Gas Heater come in all sizes and designs to fit everyone’s needs. At DGB Refrigeration qualified and licensed technicians to provide all solutions including service, repair, and installation. Below is a list of products.

  • MB3 Series Gas Heater
  • MB4 Series Gas Heater
  • MB5 Series Gas Heater
  • MB6 Series Gas Heater
  • Rhino Series Ducted Gas Heater
  • My Climate Wi-Fi
  • HW Navigator Controller
  • RF Navigator Controller
  • Slimline Controller

Bonaire Evaporative Cooler

A cost and energy-effective method of cooling your house is evaporative cooling. The sophisticated evaporative coolers from Bonaire were created with the severe Melbourne climate in mind. Bonaire evaporative cooling will work whether you want to cool off a single space or set up a system for your full home.

Compared to other appliances now on the market, Bonaire appliances are more cost-effective and efficient. All shapes and sizes are available for the Bonaire evaporative cooling range of machines, making them suitable for any user.

  • Silhouette Ultimate Evaporative Cooler
  • Silhouette Premium Evaporative Cooler
  • Summer Breeze Evaporative Cooler

Bonaire Refrigerated Cooling System

The technology of Bonaire Refrigerated conditioning systems ensures that you won't have any complaints during the sweltering summers. Check out Bonaire’s selection of multi-split AC, ducted reverse cycle AC, hi-wall split ACs, and heating &cooling dual cycle systems. Control the temperature in your room to experience alpine-like coolness.

Their attractive designs appeal to any area, enhancing the allure of your home or workplace. The list of products they offer in the field of refrigerated cooling systems is extensive.

  • L Series Hi-Wall Split AC System
  • Add on the cooling system
  • Multi-split system
  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Bonaire Commercial Units

Bonaire has air conditioning systems that can cool a tiny room or a space the size of an auto manufacturing facility. The cost of air conditioning in larger spaces, like industrial buildings, can be high. But Bonaire changes the game.

Bonaire is driven to produce systems for its clients that are both highly efficient and effective. They are experts at that, after all. You can choose any system from Bonaire's selection of commercial cooling units to meet your demands without having to be concerned about soaring energy costs.

These systems may provide coverage for any size place, including small, medium, and big ones.

  • Bonaire Season maker
  • Bonaire C Series Air Cooler
  • Bonaire B Series Cooler

Why Choose DGB Refrigeration For Bonaire Installation And Repair

In Melbourne, DGB Refrigeration is well-known for its heating and cooling system repair services. We ensured high-quality work performed by qualified professionals is 100% guaranteed.

The greatest producer of air conditioning systems in Melbourne is Bonaire. The best services, which you can discover at DGB Refrigeration are required for top-quality products. Here are a handful of the countless advantages you will receive from us.

Melbourne is within reach of DGB Refrigeration. Our experts will get in touch with you to offer the best service for your Bonaire appliances, no matter where you live.

Our technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and install Bonaire systems and appliances. At DGB Refrigeration, your appliances will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

You can get your appliances installed or repaired on the same day that you contact us. At DGB Refrigeration, we value our customers' time above anything else.


How Often Should I Service My Bonaire Unit?

At least twice a year, ideally before the summer and the winter, a domestic air conditioning service should be performed. By having your air conditioner serviced, you can be sure that everything is in working order and in good repair.

Is An Evaporative or Refrigerated Unit Easy For Maintenance?

Both a refrigerated unit service and a Bonaire evaporative cooler service require the assistance of a certified technician and take about the same amount of time to accomplish. The same once to twice-yearly maintenance intervals keep it in top shape at all times.

Why is the indoor unit of my air conditioner not working to its fullest?

Your air conditioners inside the unit may be underperforming for a variety of reasons. If the issue arises, look for the following.

Verify the cleanliness of the air filters.

Check to see if your room has a window open or a door.

Numerous people congregating in one place can also contribute.

Check to see if the exit or inlet is obstructed.

Verify if there is a heater in the space.

What Bonaire equipment can DGB Refrigeration service?

There is nothing we can't handle since we are an authorized Bonaire provider. We can perform a Bonaire gas heater service in addition to working on evaporative coolers, among other Bonaire cooling services requirements.