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Mitsubishi Heating And Cooling

The largest trade corporation in Japan and a part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu is Mitsubishi Corporation. In 2020, Mitsubishi Corporation have 10 business segments and over 86,000 employees. Mitsubishi Australia has been operating in Australia since 1956 and is headquartered in Melbourne.

In the business of selling air conditioners and other HVAC-related devices, Mitsubishi is a market leader on a global scale. One of the brands you will hear the most about when searching for dependable and energy-efficient air conditioners is Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Electric

Japanese electric company Mitsubishi has been in business since 1921. It's been a century since the business first started. With cutting-edge technology, the company has improved and changed over the past 100 years.

Their goal is to produce and offer their clients high-quality products. It is the primary factor in the company's success and stability. To meet the diverse needs of every consumer, they offer a wide range of air conditioner goods.

Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. When faced with the challenge of developing air conditioning systems that perform admirably in Australia's diverse range of climatic conditions, engineers create incredibly complex yet robust units and systems capable of continuous use under almost any natural climatic condition on earth. Each product accomplishes a remarkable achievement in and of itself, providing years of silent operation, energy-efficient efficiency, and minimal environmental effect

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi is world-leading and famous for manufacturing wall-mounted air conditioning around the globe. Wall-mounted air conditioning is suitable and best solution for single-room cooling. Mitsubishi provides a different range of wall-mounted air conditioning. Following are different models of wall-mounted ACs.

  • Delux wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Designer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 16 seer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 18 Seer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 115V wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Large capacity wall-mounted cooling only indoor unit
  • Wall-mounted cooling only indoor unit

All the above units come with different designs and specifications, so customers can choose according to their needs.

Floor Mounted Indoor Units

Floor-mounted air conditioning units are installed on the floor attach low to the wall and can be partially recessed. This indoor unit has a multi-flow vane that distributes airflow around the space to prevent uneven temperatures and rapid heating capabilities that quickly warm and cool space to the appropriate temperature. The model of the floor mounted is given below.

  • Floor-mounted unit MFZ-KJ

Floor-mounted indoor units are installed low on the floor due to this some people prefer it.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi offers its clients a stylish, contemporary, and effective ceiling-mounted cooling solution with the ceiling cassette. Since it is mounted to the ceiling, it works best for whole rooms and doesn't require any additional space. The ceiling cassette fits in between the 4-way recessed ceiling cassettes, the normal joists, and the suspended ceiling components.

The ceiling cassettes come in a wide range of styles and configurations as well.

  • EZ FIT ceiling cassette
  • Ceiling suspended indoor unit
  • 4-way ceiling cassette

Ducted Air Handler

The Mitsubishi ducted air handler is a multi-positional device that offers effective and strong cooling across the area. Depending on their needs, the consumer can adjust the appliance's static pressure settings. One of two ducted air handlers is available for the customer to select.

  • Multi-position air handler PVA
  • Multi-position air handler SVZ

Horizontal Ducted Cooling Solution

If you want a duct system in your house with the least amount of bothering the horizontal ducted system is the ideal option. As they come in single and multi-zone units, the flat ducted system may be used to ventilate one or more rooms. Either the ceiling or the floor can be used as a hiding place for it.

  • Low static horizontal ducted indoor unit
  • Mid static horizontal ducted indoor unit

Why choose DGB Refrigeration For Mitsubishi Installation And Repair

Mitsubishi produces industry-leading HVAC equipment. Nobody likes to take a chance when handling and installing such expensive items. And this is when the assistance of DGB Refrigeration is needed.

At DGB Refrigeration, you may profit significantly from the highly professional work ethic and services of our professionals. The benefits listed below are what you'll get by working with our experts.

Our technicians have extensive training, practical knowledge, and licenses. Receiving a service from DGB Refrigeration ensures that there is very little likelihood of technician error.

Mitsubishi appliances are handled and serviced by DGB Refrigeration's professionals with the utmost expertise. All of your installation and repair needs will be expertly handled by them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Capacity Of AC Require For Room?

When we talked about the capacity of the AC for the room there is no fixed number,

That fits every room. It totally depends on the size of the room and the capacity of the unit. We provide all kinds of assistance regarding heating & cooling. Feel free to call us and get a free quote.

How Often Should I Have Serviced My Air Conditioner?

It is recommended that get your unit serviced within a regular interval to get optimal performance. According to the professionals, a unit should be serviced once a year or twice if needed.

Can I get a warranty on a Mitsubishi appliance?

The firm does provide warranties for each and every piece of equipment it sells. There are several warranties for different appliances.

How can I obtain Mitsubishi's product warranty?

To obtain the company's guarantee, you must complete one step. To activate the warranty, just register your appliance number with the business.

What maintenance should I perform to ensure that my equipment operates properly?

Your appliance will benefit greatly from having the filters in your air conditioner cleaned. It will open up the airflow that has been impeded by dirt buildup in the filters.

Ask the expert installer to show you how to clean your air conditioner's filters. And because it is a straightforward technique, you will understand it right away.

Additionally, be sure to schedule a yearly HVAC maintenance inspection with a qualified technician. The DGB Refrigeration professionals can expertly take care of this for you. This routine maintenance check-up is essential because it guarantees that each component of your equipment is operating correctly. Additionally, you will ultimately save a lot of money and effort by doing this.