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Daikin Heating And Cooling

Daikin is one of the most well-known brands of air conditioners in Australia, and its products are used in a variety of residences, commercial buildings, and civic initiatives. Since Daikin has been heating and cooling Australian houses for more than 50 years. At Daikin, we know that feeling comfortable is what makes any location seem like "home," and as experts, Daikin takes pleasure in creating products that offer excellent, clean, and efficient comfort in the settings where people live, work, and play. One of the most well-known brands in the HVAC industry is Daikin. It is the ideal alternative for you because it has many selections, energy-efficient equipment, and excellent customer service. We understand that you wouldn’t want to trust inexperienced and unskilled technicians with your Daikin appliances, Call us for any assistance.

Daikin Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems from Daikin provide exceptional performance, comfort, and energy efficiency in elegant solutions that fit every interior space and lifestyle. Daikin technology is used in a wide range of products to reduce costs and environmental effects.

  • Split Air Conditioning

Split AC systems are your best choice if you're searching for a unit that will cool just one room or a specific area of your home. With these devices, complicated ducting is not required. There are models available for both floor standing and wall mounting. Installing these systems is quick and simple. To match the design of your space, you may pick from a variety of goods.

the link between an interior and an outdoor unit. Installation in buildings is straightforward and inconspicuous, and ducting is not required. Offers single-zone interior areas a high-end air conditioning solution at a reasonable cost. Offers a straightforward answer for one-room expansions.

  • Multi-Split

Connects one outdoor unit to up to five interior units. Without the use of ducts, installs a full air conditioning system in several zone interior areas.

Gives access to personal room temperature controls.

Allows for the integration of indoor units of various types and sizes into a single system for tailored solutions particular to each household environment.

  • Urusara 7

The Daikin Urusara 7 is the best option for the most comfortable setting. It offers effective air cooling all year round Cool air is distributed around your space by its 3-dimensional airflow mechanism. No germs or mold are present in the air that exits the appliance since it has been filtered. Additionally, U7 has the Intelligent Eye function. The 7 dehumidifying settings of the U7 set it apart from comparable versions. It is set up to clean the filter on its own while accumulating the dust in a dust box.

The filter doesn't need to be cleaned anymore. This feature automatically removes dust from the filter and collects it in the built-in dust box when the operation has ended. Following cumulative operation of at least 18 hours, cleaning will begin automatically. Only the dust that has accumulated in the box has to be thrown away once the maximum cleaning time of 11 minutes has passed and the Mould-Proof/Cleaning Filter bulb has begun blinking. By doing so, energy loss is reduced and filter performance is preserved.

  • The Zena Range

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency were all taken into consideration during design, allowing you to adjust your temperature from anywhere. Available in Black Wood or White Hair Line finish.

  • Ducted AC System

The ducted AC systems from Daikin are equally effective and dependable as the ductless ones. These air conditioning units can be hidden on the floor or under a suspended ceiling. For either commercial or residential buildings, a ducted air conditioning system is essential. For such systems to distribute air throughout the space, duct networks are required. The following models are available from Daikin:

  • Premium Inverter
  • Inverter Bulkhead
  • Standard Inverter


  • R-32 Refrigerant

Without refrigerants, air conditioning is not possible. The significance of refrigerants in the air conditioning process is crucial. It is in charge of cooling the area in the summer by absorbing the heat energy within your house and releasing it outdoors. In the winter, it operates in reverse, bringing heat from the outdoors into your home.

Up until recently, a variety of refrigerants were employed in air conditioners. Due to increased environmental awareness brought on by the Montreal Protocol in 1987 and the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, regulations have become more stringent, which has led to a switch to refrigerants with even lower environmental effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the multi-monitor lamp on the Zena be turned off?

The wireless remote control may be used to switch off or reduce the brightness of the Multi Color Monitor Lamp on the Zena indoor unit. On the controller, a specific brightness button that when pressed alternates between High, Low, and Off.

I have more than one Daikin split system installed. Can I control them via one controller?

We advise utilizing a Daikin wired central controller to independently regulate each Daikin split system in your house. You can control all of your systems from this centralized control panel, which is mounted to a wall. For further information and the adapter cards required for compatibility with your systems, please contact Our Daikin Specialist Dealer.

Can the air filters in my air conditioner be replaced?

Yes, you can change the filters by yourself.

Do I need to refill the gas in my split air conditioner?

You won't typically need to refill the gas in your mini-split air conditioner. Only little leaks develop over time, and they often happen at the valves. Call a qualified technician if you suspect that the system is leaking gas. You might need to replace the appliance if the expert is unable to locate the leak.

What should I do if my Daikin air conditioner isn't adequately cooling or heating the room?

If your appliance doesn't seem to be operating properly, you should investigate:

If filter cleaning necessary? Typically, blocked filters are the problem in these situations.

Are the parameters for the operating mode and temperature accurate?

Are the airflow direction and fan speed appropriate?

Are there any items in the space just beneath or adjacent to the air conditioner that are blocking it?

Have any windows or doors been left unlocked?

Does the ventilation fan operate correctly?