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Carrier Heating And Cooling

One of the world's top providers of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, Carrier has been operating since 1902 Willis Carrier started this business. One of Australia's top manufacturers and providers of air conditioners is Carrier Air. Carrier Australia offers cost-effective sustainable solutions. They offer cost-effective sustainable solutions for consumers in the residential, commercial, retail, transportation, and food service sectors by integrating energy-efficient goods, building controls, and energy services. Through technological innovation and environmental care, Carrier enhances the environment in which we live.

Carrier air conditioners have powerful operations for quick heating and cooling as well as accurate temperature management, making them energy-efficient. Hi-Walls, Ducted units, and Multi-Split all offer great performance and exceptional dependability.

Carrier Air Conditioning

Are you looking for an air conditioner that offers a lot of comfort and cutting-edge technology? A fantastic option is Carrier Air Conditioning. Here you’ll obtain a simple-to-use system from Carrier Air Conditioning Systems that will keep your home pleasant all year. There is a perfect one for any room in your home or business because of the huge variety of sizes available. Additionally, Carrier's technology is always being updated with cutting-edge features that make it simpler for you to use.

By offering top-notch servicing across Australia, we at DGB Refrigeration make sure that our customers get the most out of their Carrier air conditioning systems. You can rely on our highly skilled professionals to install, maintain, service, and repair HVAC equipment made by Carrier. After saying that, let's explore what Carrier Air Conditioning systems are specifically and the choices they offer.

Carrier Offers Range Of Air Conditioning Units

  • Carrier Inverter Hi-wall Split System

Split system air conditioners from Carrier are available in two distinct quiet and efficient ranges “Aura and Allure”. Each range consists of 7 models, each with a distinct capacity ranging from 2 kW to a potent 9.1 kW. You may use the Carrier app on your smartphone to control both of these model ranges. All Carrier split systems also feature inverter technology, which guarantees accurate and effective temperature regulation. Even while you are sound sleeping, the temperature can be automatically controlled in sleep mode.

Experts have created sustainable inverter systems as part of the company's commitment to reducing carbon levels in the environment. These air conditioning units operate continuously while significantly reducing the amount of electricity used.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning by Carrier

The ducted air conditioning systems from Carrier Australia offer better climate management for your house in a tidy and practical installation that won't take away from the aesthetic appeal of your property. Perfectly temperature-controlled air from Carrier ducted air conditioners will circulate through vents on the wall or ceiling, cooling your house in the summer and heating it in the winter.

The ducted system provided by the organization is something that might make it suitable for you if you're looking for a compact air-conditioning system that can easily fit the design of your apartment or office.

The simplistic design of this system is its most important feature. As a result, the systems are simple to set up, operate, and maintain.

There are two types of Carrier ducted air conditioning systems one is “High Static ducted” and the second one is “Slim line ducted”. For best efficiency, each of these series incorporates inverter technology. These items are not only effective but also incredibly silent.

  • Carrier Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer comfort anywhere it's needed, from hotels to offices to schools. No ducts at all? Any hot or cold spots? Several rooms? No issue. Ductless will take care of you. The versatility of ductless air conditioner systems allows them to be used in a variety of settings.

A Carrier ductless AC unit offers versatility to work where conventional HVAC doesn't by offering practically infinite configuration options. There are many positioning alternatives due to the lengthy line between outdoor and inside components. Each unit can be placed carefully for maximum comfort and little visual effect. For multi-zone systems, this involves combining and matching high wall units with ducted, console, or cassette units inside, all with a single exterior compressor.

  • Carrier Cassette Air Conditioning

Cassette air conditioners function just like the technology found within popular wall-mounted split systems. They consist of a central reverse-cycle unit and an external condenser, which among other things contains the heat exchanger. The ceiling cassette is more frequently used in commercial settings.

Carrier Cassette air conditioning has the ability to precisely alter output power, inverter air conditioning maintains a consistent temperature with few changes and fosters a comfortable environment. Performance for cooling even at 48 degrees outside and for heating as low as -15 degrees and 360-degree airflow panel to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the space.

AdvanTech Technology

Advantech solutions experts are using cutting-edge technology to meet the various needs of commercial buildings. For a wide range of customers throughout the world, the company provides everything from heat recovery systems to energy storage, air terminals, and heat pump systems.

The business's proprietary Chiller VU system, for an instance, is made for larger buildings with an advanced control system. By reacting to temperature variations, the machine automatically controls the building's temperature.

This technology, for instance, will automatically turn the on and off the plant depending on how many tons are needed for construction.

  • Carrier Heating and Cooling Units

Your requirement for residential temperature management changes with the seasons. The heating and cooling systems from Carrier guarantee year-round comfort in your home. The optimal level of comfort and temperature is always just a button click away thanks to the heating and cooling choices available on all Carrier Australia air conditioning systems.

To have total control over the climate in your home, heating and cooling equipment are available as single split system units or ducted air conditioners. To find out which choice is ideal for you, get in touch with a Carrier Australia dealer right away.

  • Carrier Heating and Cooling Wall Unit

The hi-wall inverter split system air conditioners from Carrier Australia are the most energy-efficient way to maintain year-round comfort in your home or commercial area.

Each of the seven models in the Aura Ultimate and Allure ranges has the capacity to fit every room, ranging from 2 kW to 9.1 kW.

Choosing the unit is a most important thing

The proper size air conditioner must be chosen, along with a high-quality brand. Download the brochures for our Aura Ultimate and Allure hi-wall inverter split system air conditioners, which include a comprehensive capacity guide, for assistance in selecting the properly sized system for your room you can also contact us.

Carrier Home Heating and Cooling system

Residential air conditioning systems from Carrier Australia are designed precisely to heat and cool your house. Carrier's home air conditioning systems may be simply installed in any home and have a quiet operation for your comfort. Two domestic air conditioning systems are available from Carrier Australia a single split system and a ducted system for an organized appearance and efficient whole-house heating and cooling.