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Actron, a locally owned air conditioning firm in Australia, makes products that are made to well in that country. Since its founding in 1984, Actron has continuously improved by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The goal of the business is to provide consumers with distinctive solutions that no other business in the market can. Actron distinguishes itself as the greatest air conditioning producer in Australia by offering enormous comfort in sweltering conditions.

Actron Air Heating And Cooling

Actron Air Evaporative Cooler
Actron Air Ducted Gas Heater
Actron Air Ducted Reverse
Actron Air Dual Comfort
Actron Air Split System

We in Australia endure some pretty sweltering summers. And everyone's life now revolves around air conditioning as a means of coping with the oppressive heat. Actron air conditioners are particularly designed with Australian conditions in mind. For both home and business spaces, Actron offers simple air conditioning systems. Actron was acknowledged as one of Australia's best-managed businesses in 2019 and was certified to provide top-tier air conditioning goods.

Their selection of dependable and energy-efficient products includes a sizable number of items. Learn more about each of the systems and appliances that Actron produces by reading the information below. But let's first take a look at the business.

Services Offer By Us

  • Portable Air Conditioner

If you only need to chill one room, you rent your home, or you aren't quite ready to shell out the cash for a ducted air conditioning system, portable air conditioners are a terrific alternative. Portable air conditioners offer the benefits of a split system as well as they are convenient to move. However, it pays to take into account both your budget and the environment where you reside when choosing the finest portable air conditioning unit or evaporative cooler for your room.

Evaporative coolers and refrigerated air conditioners are the two primary types of portable air conditioners that you can buy in stores. What makes a difference, then? Although evaporative coolers are often less expensive to purchase and maintain than refrigerated air conditioners, they won't offer the same level of cooling, especially if you live in a humid region. Refrigerated air conditioners are the greatest option in humid regions because they remove moisture from the air as they cool.

Before using an evaporative cooler, you often need to fill the tank with water. The window exhaust equipment for refrigerated air conditioners, on the other hand, is typically included basically a large pipe that forces hot, humid air outside through a window.

  • Small Ducted Air Conditioner

The heating and air conditioning system used needs to fit when remodeling or constructing a new house or business. If it didn't work, you had to make compromises or pay a lot of money to locate a custom solution. Thanks to modern technology made possible by a compact ducted air conditioner, those times are in the past. These intelligent ducts are practically unbreakable and improve health, comfort, and energy efficiency. Compact cooling and heating are provided by small duct air conditioning and heating systems. This indicates that the systems can be installed in locations where traditional ducts cannot.

Tiny duct systems are cost-effective due to their small size, which allows you to avoid making the necessary modifications to fit a standard system. Small duct systems are ideal for flat roof dwellings as well as other places with limited space. Even in the smallest places, you may get unmatched comfort with beauty because of their gorgeous appearance and whisper-quiet ing.

  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

A Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner offers year-round perfect performance for your entire family's home's dual heating and cooling needs, especially in Melbourne's severe four-seasons-in-one-day climate. These units are usually positioned outside the house or in your roof area, where they are whisper-silent. Air from strategically placed vents throughout your home is transported to you directly in the summer and winter thanks to ducting installed in your roof space.

Ducted reverse cycle installations, unlike single split systems, are not restricted to having heating and cooling in just one room. You have the most freedom and control over how and when to use your air conditioner and heater with ducted reverse cycle systems. Inverter-powered ducted systems can also significantly lower your energy use.

Actron Air Conditioning Service

Choosing Australia's top air conditioning brand necessitates choosing Australia's top installing and repair service providers. You may get help from very skilled personnel at DGB Refrigeration.

Thanks to our same-day booking service, you can now install or repair your HVAC appliances the same day you feel the need to do so. This eliminates the need to wait days for the task to be completed with related fixes.

All of the experts at DGB Refrigeration are certified and trained to handle this equipment, so schedule us on call and let us handle everything. With us on the job, you can be sure everything will be done safely.

Actron Air Controller

There is a number of controllers which are compatible with different models:

  • QUE and QUE Connect
  • NEO and NEO Connect
  • L Series
  • Easy Connect

QUE and QUE Connect

The complete home air conditioning control platform QUE is the most sophisticated one yet. The cutting-edge home air conditioning controls offered by QUE are made with premium materials, a sleek, contemporary appearance, and an intuitive user interface.

QUE is not simply dressed up the same old features with a nice new design. That’s why QUE is so much more than just a pretty face.

With QUE Connect, you can operate your system from any location, including your car, the couch, and the office. All you need is a mobile device with an internet connection that is synced with your QUE system.

NEO and NEO Connect

The latest entry in ActronAir’s award-winning controls lineup, NEO features the unique design and superior performance that ActronAir controls have come to be known for. Compatible with our Classic series 2 and Advance ducted systems, NEO brings the best in premium control technology to more people than ever before. The best design. The best usability. The best features. The best mobile control. Now that’s control in style.

Easy Connect

Easy Connect features an intuitive and easy-to-use design, including its click-wheel that makes setting your temperature a breeze and color-coded modes for added simplicity.

Actron Air Ducted heating

Utilize a single system to provide complete home comfort with the Actron air ducted heaters. Our wide choice of products, which are expertly constructed to be strong but very energy-efficient, are suitable for a variety of applications, including new installations and upgrades of outdated ducted central heating equipment.