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How To Reset Your Brivis NC 3 & NC 6 Wall Controller?

Introduction To Brivis Wall Controllers

Brivis wall controllers are an essential component of your heating and cooling system. They allow you to control the temperature, fan speed, and other settings of your HVAC unit with ease. The NC3 and NC6 wall controllers are two popular models in the Brivis lineup. If you own a Brivis NC3 or NC6 wall controller for your heating or cooling system, you may encounter error codes displayed on the controller. These error codes indicate issues with the system’s performance and require attention to restore optimal functionality. In this blog post, we will discuss the common issues with Brivis Wall Controllers, the reason for error codes to appear, and how to reset your Brivis NC3 and NC6 wall controller, helping you regain control over your HVAC system.

Understanding The NC3 And NC6 Wall Controllers

The NC3 and NC6 wall controllers are designed to provide a user-friendly interface for controlling your Brivis heating and cooling system. The NC3 controller features a simple LCD screen with intuitive buttons for adjusting temperature and fan speed. On the other hand, the NC6 controller offers a more advanced touchscreen display with additional features such as programmable scheduling and zone control.

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Common Issues With Brivis Wall Controllers

Despite their reliability, Brivis wall controllers can sometimes encounter issues. One common problem is the unresponsiveness of the NC3 and NC6 controllers. This can be caused by various factors, such as power outages or software glitches. Another issue is incorrect temperature readings, which can result in uncomfortable indoor conditions. Additionally, some users may experience difficulties with programming or navigating the controller’s settings, or they may encounter various error codes on the controller. These error codes indicate that your unit is malfunctioning and requires immediate attention.

Why Do Brivis Error Codes Appear?

The Brivis Networker Controller NC6 constantly monitors and controls your ducted heating or evaporative cooling system. If any irregularities occur during operation, the controller will display a spanner symbol along with an error code. These error codes provide valuable information about the system’s condition and assist in troubleshooting.

Fixing the Problem:

Resetting the NC3 & NC6 Controller

You may have the version of the controller where the error code scrolls across the top of the screen and the word reset is displayed next to button number 4.


Before attempting to reset the controller, it would be best to write down the error code as you may need some additional assistance. However, if the error is not visible, press the FN button and then Button 1.

After pressing, an error code will appear at the top of the screen. To reset your system, press button 4. Once pressed, the screen will go blank momentarily.

Allow your network to stabilize then the system off-screen will appear soon afterwards.

To restart your system, press the ON button and adjust the speed accordingly.

Removing & Resetting the Network Controller

When you see blocks at the top of the screen, you will see the words “Hailing Master Networker” scrolling across the top of the screen. One thing to be mindful of is at the back of the networker, there are 4 pins that are fragile and need to be lined up with the pin bed of the backing plate.

If you have two networkers, make sure you are at the master networker when you see either the message “Hailing Master Networker” scrolling across the top of the screen or blocks across the top of the screen, you need to completely reset the networker.

Remove the wall controller from the backing plate. There is a backing plate on the wall that needs to remain fixed and the networker will come free. Using your right thumb, push down on the centre edge on the right side of the networker. Push up the wall controller using your fingers from underneath the centre edge on the left side of the networker. The wall controller should release from the backing plate.

Once the networker is detached, it will power down. Press and hold buttons 3 & 5, then place the networker on the backing plate. Ensure you are still holding buttons 3 and 5 for further 5 seconds. Release buttons 3 and 5, the screen should now show all of the symbols followed by the message “Set this networker’s address”. If the message does not display, repeat the process.

Next, you need to turn the dial until the last number is 1. Once this is done, turn the controller off using the ON/OFF button and then turn it back on again. If prompted to set the time and date, do so accordingly. Then press the ON/OFF button to save and exit.

Contact A Professional

If the error code persists even after you have attempted both of the above-mentioned methods, it’s time to seek professional assistance from a certified technician. You can call DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling at 03 7038 6918, and our highly trained and licensed technicians will provide a thorough inspection and an efficient solution to resolve the issue. We are committed to providing exceptional service to all our customers and we always ensure to restore your comfort as soon as possible.


Resetting your Brivis NC 3 and NC 6 wall controller is an effective way to address common issues and restore optimal performance to your heating or cooling system. By following the steps outlined above, you can resolve error codes and regain control over your HVAC system. For expert assistance and reliable support, trust DGB Refrigeration Heating & Cooling. Call us at 03 7038 6918, and our team will ensure your system operates flawlessly once again.


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