Why You Should Get Your Heater Serviced

There's not much worse than having a home that's freezing cold, but if your heater breaks down that's what you could be facing. Taking care of your heater includes getting it regularly serviced by a professional to prevent faults from developing.

Although preventing a mechanical breakdown is one of the top reasons to get your heater serviced regularly, there are other benefits you may not realize.

Here's a look at some of the most important reasons to get your heater serviced.

#1: Stay Safe

When you're feeling cozy and warm, the idea that your heater may be dangerous could seem ludicrous. However, when parts start to mal or erode, your safety could be compromised without your knowledge - until it's too late.

From the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to combustion, there are many faults which can develop with a heater. A regular service won't just keep your home feeling warm, it can also identify problems which could otherwise endanger your health and wellbeing.

As well as testing carbon monoxide levels, the service technician can check for buildup of dirt and dust, parts which are wearing away and the safety controls.

#2:Improved Energy Efficiency

No-one wants to pay more than necessary to keep warm but if your heating isn't working at maximum efficiency that could be what's happening.

A service will check various parts on your heater such as the thermostat calibration, air flow, the connections, moving parts and the air filter. By cleaning, lubricating and tightening parts where necessary, the efficiency of your heater could be significantly improved resulting in lower energy bills.

#3: Slash the Cost of Repairs

A service is designed to spot problems before they develop, which can prevent your heater from breaking down. As well as the inconvenience this can also reduce the cost.

Catching problems early means that the repairs may be simpler, making it cheaper to return to proper working . This can also affect the longevity of your heater. By preventing more serious problems from developing, the lifespan can be significantly extended.

#4:Better Air Quality

Your heater can readily accumulate a large amount of dust and debris as well as pollen particles and mould. When circulated around the room on warm air currents, it can be detrimental to breathe in.

A good clean during a service will remove these nasties from the system, making the air much better quality and less harmful to your health.

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